Sacramento Kings to Vancouver?

nba in vancouverI must admit to one thing. This past week was a bit depressing with the Hornets news and the fact a new owner was found who was committed to keeping the team in New Orleans. I hate to say it like that as I know the sting of having a NBA team leaving. But it’s a dog eat dog world and I was hoping the way back for Vancouver was with the Hornets.

Fast forward to today when on the TEAM 1040, they mentioned the NBA back to Vancouver rumors. What’s this? I admit I was crying in my beer and hearing a new NBA to Vancouver rumor was the furthest thing from my mind. So needless to say I’m getting my mojo back. The latest rumor is with the Sacramento Kings. This was really brought out to light thanks to a radio interview with an ESPN senior NBA writer. He suggested that “sources” indicated that Vancouver was in fact the front runner ahead of Anaheim and Seattle. I must admit with the Kings I assumed that the Anaheim move was a done deal. Perhaps not.

What we hear now is denials from Aquilini about pursuing an NBA team. Combine that with the current Sacramento Kings owners who suggest they are not interested in selling the Kings. I will interject my take on this. It’s called posturing isn’t it? Seriously, when you’re talking about millions of dollars exchanging hands, do you really want to come out and say, “Yes please! We are very excited and motivated to sell our Sacramento Kings franchise”. Would you expect Aquilini to say “Yes please! I’m so excited to buy an NBA fanchise and it is such a perfect fit here that we could really benefit financially from buying the Kings NBA franchise.” So see my point? Forget the current quotes. There is no way that either party is going to tip their hand and put themselves in a point of weakness.

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Vancouver NBA – Who wants a NBA team in Vancouver again?

Guess who wants NBA in Vancouver again? One free guess… (it’s Steve Nash and…)

It’s me! Surprise, surprise. Sure I love my Vancouver Canucks, but there is something missing. You know those stretches in the Canucks schedule when there are no games? It’s painful. When we had the NBA Grizzlies here, there wasn’t a lot of boring nights in the fall and winter around Vancouver.

We are not an official Vancouver NBA website. We are a website dedicated to getting another NBA franchise here to Vancouver. Is this unrealistic? We think not. The time to mobilize is now.

I will give you some background on myself and why I feel I am qualified to start the campaign for Vancouver NBA. It was a few years back when we had the almighty Vancouver Grizzlies NBA team. Was I there? You bet. I was there trying to convince friends in the futile fight to try and keep the NBA team in Vancouver. Looking back, as great as my intentions and convincing was, there was no stopping the Grizzlies from packing up and moving to Memphis. I don’t regret trying. What I was able to do in my small part, was to get a group of 5 friends to buy season tickets, or the game packs for the last season that the Grizzlies played here. It was fun there is no doubt about it. I will never forget seeing Stu Jackson, one of the least charismatic individuals I have even seen in the media, take center court on opening night of the last season of the NBA in Vancouver. “Believe it baby” are the words that echoed around the GM Place arena as Stu Jackson shaked his fist. Yeah believe it, a few months later and our Vancouver NBA team was gone.

After that insult with the Grizzlies, the NBA in Vancouver is a hard sell. With time, scars heal. I think there are a few factors that has motivated me to start the Vancouver NBA campaign.

First and foremost, you must consider the impact and influence someone like Steve Nash has in the NBA and in Vancouver. He also has a franchise of health centres in Vancouver. Having that sort of vested interest tells me that Steve Nash will be the catalyst for a new Vancouver NBA team. It makes a lot of sense. I am speaking only from gut feel on this and there is nothing more than that to it. Having Steve Nash as the face of your NBA teams would be a huge factor in the team’s success and support by the people.

The other reason the NBA in Vancouver makes sense is the fact that we’ve seen some recent NBA pre-season games. Again, the common thread with this is in the fact that Steve Nash is involved with it. I think it’s good strategy and indicates the NBA and their interest in warming the hearts of Vancouver to the NBA returning. As I mentioned, there are a lot of upset people out there still who hold a grudge against the NBA about how their treated us. Face it, the NBA screwed us. Some people here don’t forget easily.

Not only were people upset about how the NBA treated us, but how about the spoiled NBA players? All we faced were comments about how our weather sucks. We couldn’t even get our #1 pick to want to play here. So how can this attitude from players be changed? Obviously if Vancouver NBA is to return, there needs to be an understanding from the players coming here. There will be less tolerance for complaining about our city and the weather here. I think this could be addressed by getting players who might be okay with this climate. Smarter picks might help the situation. Having a Vancouver NBA team that doesn’t suck would obviously help sell players on coming here.

The success of the 2010 Winter Games showed that Vancouver is ready for more. We can support a second attempt at a Vancouver NBA fanchise. We know from the past, that Rogers arena can support both the NBA season and the NHL season without a problem. Personally I loved the fact that we got Vancouver sports all through the fall and winter. We have the sports media to back up the NBA in Vancouver. The TEAM 1040 is drooling at having something else to talk about. A Vancouver NBA franchise will definitely help give the NHL players a break from constant media hounding. The only issue is whether or not the media wants to cover a NBA Vancouver team. They are the ones who seem to be the most upset about the player dissing Vancouver and the treatment of the NBA league in letting our franchise become a joke and move like it did. It was insulting and the media hasn’t forgotten it.

I hope you will support me and this Vancouver NBA website. This is a fan site. It’s a fan site based on motivation for getting the NBA back into Vancouver. It will take more than just positive thoughts by us. It will take a display of interest and a display of support. I hope that this website can be a vehicle for Vancouver NBA fans to show support and voice their excitement in bring back the NBA to Vancouver. More sporting teams in our city is a good thing.

I think with Steve Nash as the driving force, our Vancouver NBA team will be back. Realistically, when might this happen? It’s only based on guess work. Or should I say, it might be based on when Steve Nash is planning on retiring. Like most athletes, he likely won’t want to retire before he get his NBA championship. Go Steve go!

What action can you take right now to start the movement toward Vancouver NBA?

Visit our website, participate in the polls, add your comments to blog posts, call into sports talk radio shows, write letters and anything else you can think of. I know it’s hard to think about uniting in bring back Vancouver NBA, but it is possible and it’s realistic.

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NBA in Vancouver – 2014 Update

Well it’s now 2014 and the talk about the NBA has really amounted to zilch. Hardly surprising when you look at what happened just south of us at Seattle. Heartbreak for that city for sure. The NBA has some history in these parts with heartbreak it seems.

Let’s get on to the most current update as to where we’re at regarding the NBA in Vancouver BC.

There is one major, and I say major issue or roadblock to Vancouver getting a NBA team. That would be? Seattle. Based on their motivation, backed by a massive financial offering for the Sacramento Kings, it’s impossible for anyone to suggest that Vancouver beats out Seattle for a new franchise. There is just no way that’s going to happen. Should there be a relocation or expansion discussion, Seattle is it. In reality, that’s obvious and that’s the safest option for the NBA to go.

So the hopes right now are hinging on 2 new cities getting NBA franchises. Vancouver and Seattle. Could those happen at the same time? Seems a bit unlikely. Why would other NBA owners want to split their revenue? They are rich for a reason and inviting 2 new teams around the same time will give them less money and it will ultimately water down the talent pool for the league.

There is one possibility out there right now and it’s regarding the Milwaukee Bucks. That is a franchise that could see a move out of town. The Bucks need a new building and their lease expires in 2017. This means a $400 million investment for a new building which requires the hard to come by public funding. That’s a tough sell no matter how you look at it. The current owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, Herb Kohl was interested recently in selling a portion of the team, provided that the new investor wouldn’t move the team. The bottom line is that Milwaukee is a sketchy situation right now. If that franchise moves, then that really creates a lot more hope for Vancouver and getting the NBA.

The other issue when it comes to possible expansion in the NBA is that their TV and digital rights deals are expiring in 2016. This is a key because those revenues are divided up like a pie and the more NBA franchises, the less money for everyone. The question really comes down to how valuable the NBA product is right now and will it fetch more, less or the same than in previous deals. It’s impossible to expect expansion talk from the NBA until those deals are in place. That puts Vancouver NBA a long while off. Sorry to be depressing, but this is the reality.

The Milwaukee Bucks going to Seattle would mean a chance for Vancouver. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where the NBA chooses Vancouver over Seattle. Yes, we have the building and that’s about the only difference. Vancouver is NBA ready and Seattle is not. Perhaps a major detail of a possible Buck relocation? If Seattle were to get the Bucks, we could get an expansion franchise. The furthest and most unlikely scenario is that the NBA will expand by 2 teams (Seattle and Vancouver) and that the Buck stay put in Milwaukee. That about sums up where we are in 2014 folks!

[source: ESPN]

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Biggest threat to NBA success in Vancouver

Simple answer. The biggest threat? Rain. Well perhaps rain isn’t the exact threat, but in a way its part of what makes the NBA in Vancouver an uphill battle.

See, we can have a great dollar or a great city (in our minds) but the reality was for the Grizzlies, that they had trouble getting players here. How about the Toronto Raptors? To a lesser extent. Toronto is a bit of a “hub” and it’s East Coast and close to major US cities. Us here in Vancouver? We’re a helluva way from cooltown.

What I’m saying is that we can have the population and support here, but if the players don’t want to be here? How on earth could a new franchise deal with that. We have seen from the Grizzlies that the stars and NBA players are a different breed. Is a winning team enough for them to look past the rain and drab weather? Maybe. Maybe not.

The reality is that the NBA really needs to think on it first. As a city we can have everything together, but if the players really don’t want to come here then we are going to have a similar problem. Less talent to choose from, less trading partners, and possibly less options in the draft. The issue is we can’t change the weather here. The team can only try to be a winner and that might make Vancouver more of a favorable destination. However, look at the negatives against becoming a winner. If the talent is hard to get, that makes winning hard to get.

So as much as I want the NBA, I’m not sure how the talent of the NBA (the players) have changed if at all. Perhaps more European players will just be more grateful to be playing in the NBA and won’t worry so much about the cosmetic aspects of our city. Certainly there aren’t enough Canadian players to fill our roster. It’s a tough one. The success of another team here is dependent on us having a fair shot. If most players with no trades so no to Vancouver, we will be sitting here with another losing team. We know how that story ends.

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Sacramento Kings to Seattle. Where does it leave Vancouver NBA?

It was a big news day yesterday in the NBA. Did you hear? The fabled Sacramento Kings are all but officially going to Seattle starting next season. When the news broke yesterday I was holding my breath as they mentioned this breaking story. Sadly I heard Seattle and not Vancouver.

It’s hard to say what is going to happen now. Let the dust settle on this one and we shall see. I’m sure with Seattle getting their NBA team back, Vancouver’s situation will be discussed. As in, what are the chances now for Vancouver NBA?

It’s very difficult to see what the next possibility is. The Kings moving so quickly might hold out some hope. It will be interesting to see if there is some information about how close Vancouver was in buying the Sacramento Kings.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Strong Canadian dollar hardly an argument for Vancouver NBA return

I’ve heard a lot of talk radio lately and the discussion around the latest NBA in Vancouver rumors. I hear folks suggesting the strong Canadian dollar makes the move more feasible. Yes they compare to what it was during the Grizzlies run vs what the Canadian dollar is worth today. Pause. Think. Say what? Putting faith in the value of a dollar is far from sound business strategy. It was bad then so who is to say it won’t be bad at some point in the future if the NBA does come back? The fact is you might as well expect it to be bad. Take a worst case situation,  and do the math. If anyone is looking at the NBA coming back here they better be crunching the numbers based on that same poor dollar. If the franchise could exist in 2012 and beyond under that economic situation then you’re investment is a heck of a lot safer. To ignore the possibility, or even base a tiny percentage on the strong Canadian dollar in whether an NBA team in Vancouver could be viable is highly suspect. Heck I’m not smart nor am I much of a businessman. I just think the people bringing up the dollar need to drop it from the discussion. It shouldn’t enter the equation on factors that bring a team here. Sure it might affect a purchase price, but over the long term, no way. If you can’t make a business work in a plan under the worst case scenario then most decision makers will not move forward. Of course if you like risk you could always ignore the likely reality of a decline in the Canadian dollar.

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Rogers Arena needs the business

Here is my take. I’m not smart. I’m not really a business man. With that in mind, here is my take.

If I’m Francesco Aquilini and own Rogers Arena, imagine for a moment driving by your majestic money maker and seeing the lights off. Sure you’re saving on the energy costs, but how about what’s being left on the table? All that money! Yes it takes an obvious investment in capital if you were to bring an NBA team here. If a NBA team with a different owner wanted to rent your Rogers Arena for NBA games, it gets even juicier. Less risk, less return, but safer. Regardless of who owns the team, the fact of the matter is, the building is empty. It’s just sitting there. If you are a business man and that building is a money maker, having the lights out is simply not going to sit well with you. This is why I’m suggesting with whatever you’re hearing, look at the business and money making opportunity that is being left on the table with each passing NBA season. You would think that’s why over the past couple few years you’ve heard rumblings about Francesco Aquilini and NBA franchises. The longer you go without the NBA as a tenant, the revenue lost has to start eating a way at you. Doesn’t it? I do believe that Francesco Aquilini owns land around the building also which is prime for real estate development. The perfect situation I would think is to have that area of downtown Vancouver active and exciting. Certainly those NBA home dates would add a spark to that area.

So in closing, as a non business mind, I imagine that seeing the lights off in Rogers Arena would trouble any businessman. The lights off would equate to opportunities lost. I’m just writing about it so I’m really nothing more than an armchair quarterback.

I’m sure Francesco Aquilini has and is looking at getting the NBA here eventually. It’s a gamble for sure. It failed once and going at it again would take courage for sure. Let’s see if this smoke continues on this story. I’m hoping it does!

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A more plausible theory for Sacramento Kings coming to Vancouver

I read a great story in The Province about the Sacramento Kings coming to Vancouver. The current owners of the Sacramento Kings seems adamant on not selling the team. Let’s say it’s not posturing and that it’s real. You have to then consider the possibility that they could own the team, have them move to Vancouver and play out of Rogers Arena. Afterall think back to the previous Canucks owner McCaw. Was he a Vancouver resident? No. In this juicy radio broadcast with the ESPN insider, there was a real nugget. He mentioned that the current Kings owners want to be within as easy flight of Las Vegas. The insider suggests that the owners of the Kings considered Seattle as being “close enough”. And here is where I’m wondering about the difference between Seattle, which they seem okay with, versus Vancouver. Pretty close to each other I’d say and pretty easy flights to Las Vegas. The reality is the team could just plug and play here must be appetizing.

I just think it’s an interesting thought.

[check out the story on]

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So is it Vancouver Kings or something different?

Update: After thinking this over for a few more minutes, I’m starting to think that Kings will just cause too much confusion in the market here in Vancouver. Imagine a night when both the Canucks are playing the Kings and the Vancouver Kings are playing on the same night. That’s just too much confusion in my opinion. Okay, name ideas anyone?

It’s time to start speculating! We had some fun thinking about Vancouver Hornets over the past year or so. Initially my thoughts about the Sacramento Kings coming to Vancouver was in how the naming would go. Kings in Vancouver? We are part of the Monarchy (okay I don’t really know what that means) so does Vancouver Kings makes sense in reality? Perhaps. I personally just think NHL LA Kings and having the Vancouver Kings might be too close for comfort. We know the NBA isn’t big on allowing name changes. It’s doubtful that they would grant Vancouver a name change. The only hope we would have is in the NHL connection to the Kings and the fact that Canada is so NHL focused. I mean we were the Grizzlies to start and let’s be honest. Was that really “west coast”? I might dig up some of the original names for the original NBA team here in Vancouver. Yes I know this is pure banter, but heck let’s have some fun while we wait for more rumors.

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Vancouver Hornets you say? Not happening. Stick a fork in it. It’s done.

We’ve been hopeful about the possibility of the New Orleans Hornets coming to Vancouver. That franchise has been in dire straights to say the least. But this week it appears the dream for Vancouver fans is over.

Commissioner David Stern has no interest in moving the Hornets. The deal with Tom Benson proves that fact. The team was sold to the local owner for $338 million.

In fact he’s looking at allowing the New Orleans ownership group a possible name change. There are a few hoops to jump through such as improvements to the arena and a television deal in the making.

But for Vancouver fans, time now to move on from the Hornets discussion. It’s over.

Read more here and here.

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