Strong Canadian dollar hardly an argument for Vancouver NBA return

I’ve heard a lot of talk radio lately and the discussion around the latest NBA in Vancouver rumors. I hear folks suggesting the strong Canadian dollar makes the move more feasible. Yes they compare to what it was during the Grizzlies run vs what the Canadian dollar is worth today. Pause. Think. Say what? Putting faith in the value of a dollar is far from sound business strategy. It was bad then so who is to say it won’t be bad at some point in the future if the NBA does come back? The fact is you might as well expect it to be bad. Take a worst case situation,  and do the math. If anyone is looking at the NBA coming back here they better be crunching the numbers based on that same poor dollar. If the franchise could exist in 2012 and beyond under that economic situation then you’re investment is a heck of a lot safer. To ignore the possibility, or even base a tiny percentage on the strong Canadian dollar in whether an NBA team in Vancouver could be viable is highly suspect. Heck I’m not smart nor am I much of a businessman. I just think the people bringing up the dollar need to drop it from the discussion. It shouldn’t enter the equation on factors that bring a team here. Sure it might affect a purchase price, but over the long term, no way. If you can’t make a business work in a plan under the worst case scenario then most decision makers will not move forward. Of course if you like risk you could always ignore the likely reality of a decline in the Canadian dollar.

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