So is it Vancouver Kings or something different?

Update: After thinking this over for a few more minutes, I’m starting to think that Kings will just cause too much confusion in the market here in Vancouver. Imagine a night when both the Canucks are playing the Kings and the Vancouver Kings are playing on the same night. That’s just too much confusion in my opinion. Okay, name ideas anyone?

It’s time to start speculating! We had some fun thinking about Vancouver Hornets over the past year or so. Initially my thoughts about the Sacramento Kings coming to Vancouver was in how the naming would go. Kings in Vancouver? We are part of the Monarchy (okay I don’t really know what that means) so does Vancouver Kings makes sense in reality? Perhaps. I personally just think NHL LA Kings and having the Vancouver Kings might be too close for comfort. We know the NBA isn’t big on allowing name changes. It’s doubtful that they would grant Vancouver a name change. The only hope we would have is in the NHL connection to the Kings and the fact that Canada is so NHL focused. I mean we were the Grizzlies to start and let’s be honest. Was that really “west coast”? I might dig up some of the original names for the original NBA team here in Vancouver. Yes I know this is pure banter, but heck let’s have some fun while we wait for more rumors.

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  1. Standish Martin says:

    How about Vancouver chiefs lol

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