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  1. Jamal says:

    Any more updates regarding the NBA in Vancouver? Pre-season games are always sold out when ever the Raptors come into town. How about making a statement when the Raptors come to town next like choreographing a cluster of chants, having posters, everyone wearing Grizzlies jerseys? I can easily get a couple of hundred people for the next Raptors preseason game in Vancouver. Just a thought but hope to hear back from you so we can coordinate.

    • VancouverHoops says:

      Great to hear from you. No question this Raptors playoff is really exciting. The current issue at hand is getting these clowns on TEAM 1040 to start talking about a Toronto team. This is a starting place. Afternoon show? Mid day show? They talk about birthdays and celebrity gossip instead. This needs to be dealt with and then the market would have spoken, even if just a tiny bit. I would love to go off on a few of the hosts on their lack of care or interest.

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