A more plausible theory for Sacramento Kings coming to Vancouver

I read a great story in The Province about the Sacramento Kings coming to Vancouver. The current owners of the Sacramento Kings seems adamant on not selling the team. Let’s say it’s not posturing and that it’s real. You have to then consider the possibility that they could own the team, have them move to Vancouver and play out of Rogers Arena. Afterall think back to the previous Canucks owner McCaw. Was he a Vancouver resident? No. In this juicy radio broadcast with the ESPN insider, there was a real nugget. He mentioned that the current Kings owners want to be within as easy flight of Las Vegas. The insider suggests that the owners of the Kings considered Seattle as being “close enough”. And here is where I’m wondering about the difference between Seattle, which they seem okay with, versus Vancouver. Pretty close to each other I’d say and pretty easy flights to Las Vegas. The reality is the team could just plug and play here must be appetizing.

I just think it’s an interesting thought.

[check out the story on TheProvince.com]

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