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NBA in Vancouver – 2014 Update

Well it’s now 2014 and the talk about the NBA has really amounted to zilch. Hardly surprising when you look at what happened just south of us at Seattle. Heartbreak for that city for sure. The NBA has some history … Continue reading

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Biggest threat to NBA success in Vancouver

Simple answer. The biggest threat? Rain. Well perhaps rain isn’t the exact threat, but in a way its part of what makes the NBA in Vancouver an uphill battle. See, we can have a great dollar or a great city … Continue reading

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Sacramento Kings to Seattle. Where does it leave Vancouver NBA?

It was a big news day yesterday in the NBA. Did you hear? The fabled Sacramento Kings are all but officially going to Seattle starting next season. When the news broke yesterday I was holding my breath as they mentioned … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Strong Canadian dollar hardly an argument for Vancouver NBA return

I’ve heard a lot of talk radio lately and the discussion around the latest NBA in Vancouver rumors. I hear folks suggesting the strong Canadian dollar makes the move more feasible. Yes they compare to what it was during the … Continue reading

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Rogers Arena needs the business

Here is my take. I’m not smart. I’m not really a business man. With that in mind, here is my take. If I’m Francesco Aquilini and own Rogers Arena, imagine for a moment driving by your majestic money maker and … Continue reading

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A more plausible theory for Sacramento Kings coming to Vancouver

I read a great story in The Province about the Sacramento Kings coming to Vancouver. The current owners of the Sacramento Kings seems adamant on not selling the team. Let’s say it’s not posturing and that it’s real. You have … Continue reading

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So is it Vancouver Kings or something different?

Update: After thinking this over for a few more minutes, I’m starting to think that Kings will just cause too much confusion in the market here in Vancouver. Imagine a night when both the Canucks are playing the Kings and … Continue reading

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Sacramento Kings to Vancouver?

I must admit to one thing. This past week was a bit depressing with the Hornets news and the fact a new owner was found who was committed to keeping the team in New Orleans. I hate to say it … Continue reading

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Vancouver Hornets you say? Not happening. Stick a fork in it. It’s done.

We’ve been hopeful about the possibility of the New Orleans Hornets coming to Vancouver. That franchise has been in dire straights to say the least. But this week it appears the dream for Vancouver fans is over. Commissioner David Stern … Continue reading

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