Rogers Arena needs the business

Here is my take. I’m not smart. I’m not really a business man. With that in mind, here is my take.

If I’m Francesco Aquilini and own Rogers Arena, imagine for a moment driving by your majestic money maker and seeing the lights off. Sure you’re saving on the energy costs, but how about what’s being left on the table? All that money! Yes it takes an obvious investment in capital if you were to bring an NBA team here. If a NBA team with a different owner wanted to rent your Rogers Arena for NBA games, it gets even juicier. Less risk, less return, but safer. Regardless of who owns the team, the fact of the matter is, the building is empty. It’s just sitting there. If you are a business man and that building is a money maker, having the lights out is simply not going to sit well with you. This is why I’m suggesting with whatever you’re hearing, look at the business and money making opportunity that is being left on the table with each passing NBA season. You would think that’s why over the past couple few years you’ve heard rumblings about Francesco Aquilini and NBA franchises. The longer you go without the NBA as a tenant, the revenue lost has to start eating a way at you. Doesn’t it? I do believe that Francesco Aquilini owns land around the building also which is prime for real estate development. The perfect situation I would think is to have that area of downtown Vancouver active and exciting. Certainly those NBA home dates would add a spark to that area.

So in closing, as a non business mind, I imagine that seeing the lights off in Rogers Arena would trouble any businessman. The lights off would equate to opportunities lost. I’m just writing about it so I’m really nothing more than an armchair quarterback.

I’m sure Francesco Aquilini has and is looking at getting the NBA here eventually. It’s a gamble for sure. It failed once and going at it again would take courage for sure. Let’s see if this smoke continues on this story. I’m hoping it does!

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